Author Meets Reader

 Any law and society book with a copyright in the calendar year 2019, except textbooks, edited volumes and case books, is eligible for an AMR session. Books published online during the eligibility period are acceptable.

Serving as a Reader on Author Meets Readers Panels is exempt from the rule prohibiting individuals from participating in more than one conference panel, but being an Author does count the same as presenting a paper or participating as a roundtable discussant.

New policy on Author Meets Reader panels:  Since author-meets-readers panels have proliferated rapidly, while the total time slots available remain constant, the program committee for 2020 would like to encourage panels that include several books in the same field published in the past year. “Recent books in…” might be a good title for such panels. Note that the organizer would need to ensure that the authors will be present at the conference. For such panels, the authors can comment on each other’s work, with a moderator helping; or there can be a chair, several authors, and one or two readers (one of whom could also act as chair).

Single-book author-meets-readers panels, as per previous years, are still accepted as well.  These should have one author and two readers (the chair or moderator can be separate or can be one of the readers).

All AMRs will have a 45 minute time slot and take place over the lunch hour. Thursday-Saturday of the meeting.

Author Meets Reader (AMR) Submission 
It is the Session Organizer’s responsibility to fill the roles required for the session. The system offers a search function to find the participants you want to assign to your session. 
AMR Session Proposals must include:

  • The Book Title and Author’s Name

  • A Session Chair

  • A maximum of 2 Readers.

  • An abstract of 100-200 word (850 characters), which summarizes the panel for the program and describes the significance of the book for the sociolegal community. The description must include the name of the publisher and the date of publication.

  • Keyword selection(s)

  • Verification of the copyright date

Please contact ALL of your participants for agreement prior to submitting an AMR session.

Be sure to review "accessing the system" for the submission website and the login instructions.

Once your session has been finalized, you WILL NOT be able to edit your proposal. If you need to edit your submission prior to the submission deadline, please contact Melissa King at the LSA Executive Office at to remove the finalization of your submission. If the finalization is removed, whether or not edits are made to the proposal, you will need to click the "Finalize" button and save the submission again – otherwise your submission has not been submitted. If the finalization is removed, to edit your submission first login, then click on the "My Submissions" link at the top. Then select the submission to edit and make the changes to your submission. Follow the instructions below to move between the tabs of the submission.

! Important – to Withdraw your Submission !

1. Title Tab

  1. Title - This is the title of your session. Please enter it as it should appear in the program with proper title case. Please DO NOT submit your title with all capital letters.

  2. Submission Type – Select “AMR Session”

  3. CRN Sponsorship  – If your submission is sponsored by a CRN, please select which CRN (by number) from the dropdown menu. Do not make a selection if your submission is not associated with a CRN.  Click “Save”

  4. After the page is saved, please click the “2. Participant(s)” tab.


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