Individual Papers

For the paper submission form, you will need:

Be sure to review "accessing the system"for the submission website and the login instructions.

Login to the system – After logging in, the screen will say “My Submissions” (if not please click “My Submissions”), then click “Create Submission”.

Once your paper has been finalized, you WILL NOT be able to edit your proposal. If you need to edit your submission prior to the deadline, please contact Melissa King at the LSA Executive Office at to remove the finalization of your submission. If the finalization is removed, whether or not edits are made to the proposal, you will need to click the "Finalize" button and save the submission again – otherwise your submission has not been submitted. If the finalization is removed, to edit your submission first login, then click on the "My Submissions" link at the top. Then select the submission to edit and make the changes to your submission. Follow the instructions below to move between the tabs of the submission.

To withdraw your proposal prior to the deadline, login to the submission site, select "My Submissions" link at the top and click on the withdraw link for the appropriate proposal.

See the Requirements for All Paper Presenters 

! Important – to Withdraw your Submission !

1. Title Tab

  1. Title - This is the title of your paper. Please enter it as it should appear in the program with proper title case. Please DO NOT submit your title with all capital letters. 

  2. Submission Type – Select “Paper Submission”. If you have already submitted a paper submission, the “Paper Submission” option will not be available to select. Participation is limited to presenting one paper, being an Author in one AMR, OR participating in one roundtable (other than those organized by the Program Committee).

  3. CRN Sponsorship  – If your submission is sponsored by a CRN, please select which CRN (by number) from the dropdown menu. Do not make a selection if your submission is not associated with a CRN.

  4. Methodology-Please write what method you used in your research

  5. Click “Save”

  6. After the page is saved, please click the “2. Participant(s)” tab.


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