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Program Committee 





Jonathan Klaaren, Wits University

Anna-Maria Marshall, University of Illinois College of Law


Scott Cummings, UCLA School of Law

Charlton Copeland, University of Miami School of Law

Cyra Choudhury, FIU Law

Tonya Brito, University of Wisconsin Law School

Siri Gloppen, University of Bergen

Elizabeth MacDowell, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Julia Dehm, La Trobe University Scholars

Balakrishnan Rajagopal, MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning

Javier Couso, Centre for Social Conflict and Cohesion Studies

Nancy Reichman, University of Denver

Catherine Smith, Catherine Smith - Sturm College of Law - University of Denver

Joshua Wilson, University of Denver

Local Arrangements Committee:

Chair: Joshua Wilson, University of Denver

Craig Konnoth, University of Colorado Law School

Nancy Reichman, University of Denver

Keith Guzik, University of Colorado, Denver

Sam Kamin, University of Denver

Catherine Smith, University of Denver

Esther Sullivan, University of Colorado, Denver

Ming Hsu Chen, University of Colorado Law School