Salon Sessions

Salon (Paper) Session 

A Salon is a more informal presentation setting in which 2 to 3 presenters with a small interested audience are seated at round tables in a ballroom. Salons permit focused, engaged and intimate conversation about scholars’ work. This format is also appropriate for authors in the early stage of a project who anticipate that they may not have a completed paper ready before the meeting, but would like to discuss a Work in Progress (WIP). 

Those submitting individual paper submissions may be placed in a Salon Session. Session limitations may require that potential participants who are unwilling to have their paper(s) appear in a salon will not be able to be accommodated to present or be in the formal program.

Salons may also be submitted as complete sessions. Those who submit a completed Salon session may decide whether they wish to self-facilitate the session or they may recruit a facilitator for their table.

Due to the physical setup of Salons, there will not be any audio visual equipment available. It is best for Salon participants to bring paper copies of any data or graphics to distribute to Salon participants at their table.

It is the Session Organizer's responsibility to assign papers to their session, not the individual paper submitter. The system offers a search function to find the appropriate papers for your session. All submissions must be completed and “finalized” by the submission deadline. 

Salon Proposals with Paper Presentations must include:

  • A session title – A title that clearly describes the topic of the session and is not more than 300 characters. Note that your choice of title (and subsequent titles of the papers in the session) in the printed program will be used by potential attendees as a description of the session.

  • A 100-200 word (850 characters) description of the session that will be visible in the online program.

  • Keyword selection(s)

  • A Session Facilitator, whose duties combine that of Chair and Discussant

  • A minimum of two and maximum of three individual papers. We highly suggest having 3 papers per session, so that if a presenter must withdraw prior to the Meeting, your session will still meet the 2 paper minimum requirement. Any Paper Session with fewer than 3 papers assigned to it may be moved by the Program Committee to a Salon Session format.

Please contact ALL of your participants for agreement prior to submitting a salon. All paper proposals intended for your session MUST be submitted, by the presenter before the session can be created. The papers must be submitted and finalized in time for you to add them to the session by the submission deadline. Please communicate an appropriate deadline to your participants.

Be sure to review "accessing the system" for the submission website and the login instructions.

Once your session has been finalized, you WILL NOT be able to edit your proposal. If you need to edit your submission prior to the submission deadline, please contact Melissa King at the LSA Executive Office at to remove the finalization of your submission. If the finalization is removed, whether or not edits are made to the proposal, you will need to click the "Finalize" button and save the submission again – otherwise your submission has not been submitted. If the finalization is removed, to edit your submission first login, then click on the "My Submissions" link at the top. Then select the submission to edit and make the changes to your submission. Follow the instructions below to move between the tabs of the submission.

! Important – to Withdraw your Submission !

1. Title Tab

  1. Title - This is the title of your session. Please enter it as it should appear in the program with proper title case. Please DO NOT submit your title with all capital letters. 

  2. Submission Type – Select “Salon Session”

  3. CRN Sponsorship  – If your submission is sponsored by a CRN, please select which CRN (by number) from the dropdown menu. Do not make a selection if your submission is not associated with a CRN .  Click “Save”

  4. After the page is saved, please click the “2. Participant(s)” tab.


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